Because it's really all about...oh look, there's beads here.

I love a good milky bead…actually it’s my biggest beading addiction :( The two beads on the end were pricey but are iridescent blue/gray and pink <3

All gone

I think this was a kilo of beads (yeah, we weigh beads by the kilo) and now they're gone. I probably have half a hank of the metallic purple (usually called "Iris" or "A/B") seed beads left and a negligible amount of the light blue matte A/B seed beads.

A "hank" is the name of a standard measurement for seed beads for all you noobs out there. A hank should have 12 single strands, and sometimes you see them for 6. I get pissed everytime I see someone selling 4 or 3 strands for the price of 12. What are you doing? What the fck am I going to do with 3 strands of seed beads? Don't you know how many beads I use? Makes me want to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This kilo created countless pieces of beadwork. Tadow.

Origin: Czech

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I planned on making a necklace from these beads but somehow lost my way. I've used all of them actually. The tube on the furtherest right is a tube of vintage French seed beads from the 1900's. They're pink when held up to the light. The rest of the beads are Japanese because although the uniformity isn't there, the color is.

Green. My aura. My ode to mother nature again and again

Take a closer look. From my private collection. I know how to execute this netting style but it's such a pain in the ass. I want to take a crack at it again in 2017.

Close ups. These are two different necklaces with no identifying information on them. These necklaces aren't just ceremonial, but can also serve as village maps denoting status and position within the clan.

This is a necklace of mine from Mexico. Beautiful right?

Just a glimpse at my bead stash. I prefer to color coordinate my beads. This is my premium bead stash box - filled with vintage seed beads, Preciosas and Toho seed beads. I have some Charlottes mixed up in the stash as well. This box is heavy af.

Green is beyond a doubt, my most favorite, loveliest, most favored color. EVER. I made a green piece way back when but the silk string disintegrated. There's a lot of trial and error when you're learning on your own, and the internet really doesn't have everything you need when you're freestyling your own technique, and the norm doesn't bead anything like you.

Secret Garden. Take a look at the rest of these amazing photos on the home page <3. I love triangles. They are a significantly beautiful shape to me.

Beadwork from Kenya mixed with my own beaded netting (Fully Adorned) style.

Before and after. Czech seed beads. Old stash and new stash. Love Opal seed beads (loveeeee)

I love this (these) piece(s). It [on top] was hidden under several necklaces and escaped my notice. It's tribal. It's vintage. It's Middle Eastern. Czech seed beads, nylon. Tribal symbols. Nomadic culture. Right angle weave. Beaded beads (yay) at the bottom.

The second is one of my Petals pieces, and is a fully adorned piece, reaching the belly button and hips (the back of the piece). It's made from a myriad of beads and took me roughly 6 weeks to complete. There are Czech, French and Venetian seed beads (vintage), Japanese seed beads, Agate, Brass, Pearl, vintage Czech glass....Another piece exploring my fascination with monochromatism....also green is my soul color. The color of life. Fresh air. Nature. My true love.

All hands on deck

I'ma handful

Three hands still wouldn't be enough to hold all the tubes I wished I'd bought this day. This is me and Trish. We have our hands full of thee finest seed beads from the Czech Republic, Japan and France. We got superduos and sh*t, vintage booty, they're opal, they're silverlined. The light green tube in my hand (the furthest to the right) are super rare. I've foolishly used them instead of hoarding them like I wish I would have looking at this picture now in retrospect lol. -_-

Also those purple seed beads are a rarreeeee treat (they're not galvanized/dyed etc). If you're into seed beads you know what I mean.

My mantra. There's only one way, and that's up. Looking back at the quality of my work as I've grown has given me unbridled happiness.

My mantra. There's only one way, and that's up. Looking back at the quality of my work as I've grown has given me unbridled happiness.

Sometimes I love taking a break from the norm. I can make necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, waist beads, breast plates, headdresses and I'm looking to expand that list everyday. These earrings are for my mentor's daughter. They're woven with 110 year old vintage seed beads. Opal - Pink - France - 11.

My Ndebele style beaded rings with an extra long beaded fringe. The fringe is a bit heavy, as well as the beaded rings which body isn't made from the traditional material (straw). The fringe is made from vintage Venetian beads which created a beautiful lack of symmetry because of their misshapen nature. You can purchase one of these brass chokers I found on my Etsy shop.

Perfect size 13  Czech  seed beads.

Perfect size 13 Czech seed beads.