Get Fucked Beaded Choker

Get Fucked Beaded Choker


Because people should get the fuck away from you….seriously. Wear this necklace for the people have a hard time understanding the words you say. This beaded choker is hand and loom woven with over 500 individual glass seed beads. This beaded choker features limited edition seed beads from Japan.

The necklace says “FUCK OFF FUCK OFF!!!”

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SO | African Charm Choker african charm necklace _ta meu bem beadwork.jpg
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SO | African Charm Choker

fuck trump beaded hat band.jpg fuck trump beaded hat.jpg

Fuck Donald Trump Necklace | Burn Babylon Necklace

jewels of the ocean choker kamil ta meu bem jewelry.jpg Jewels of the Ocean Beaded Choker.jpg
sold out

SO | Jewels of the Ocean Beaded Choker Necklace

Pussy Power Beaded Choker | "I Got This" Beaded Choker pussy power choker ta meu bem.jpg

Pussy Power Beaded Choker | "I Got This" Beaded Choker

multiverse beaded choker details judie ta meu bem.jpg multicolor beaded choker ta meu bem.jpg

Confetti Beaded Choker