SO | Ndebele Neck Ring

SO | Ndebele Neck Ring


Ndebele Fringe | Isigolwani | African Beadwork

Diaspora collection. The Ndebele, from northern South Africa are one of my biggest inspirations. The neck ring, or Isigolwani, is an undeniable characteristic of their culture.  This style of beadwork is called Isigolwani and is worn for everyday and ceremonial use. Isigolwani can come in solid or intricate patterns unique to the Ndebele. While original Isigolwani is beadwork woven around a ring made made from straw, I use a lightweight, durable center. This sky blue and matte seed beaded Isigolwani has several sparkling Lapis Lazuli beads at the bottom of this long fringe.

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