The "Nah" Beaded Choker

The "Nah" Beaded Choker


Pretty much, gtfoh is what this necklace is also saying.

I proudly present the "Nah Homie" Tuxedo style Affirmation Choker. You get the energy of "NAH" because you can't, and don't and often refuse to take any shit. This choker will do the talking when your words, face and gestures just don't suffice. Sometimes people just don't get it.

This is an exclusive design woven from over 700 of the most brilliantly uniform glass seed beads available. This choker fastens tightly around the neck with a brass chain and clasp measuring roughly 9 inches. 

Adorned women: Jenna is an all around light being, style maven, and down to earth sweetheart. She always has a positive word and perspective on life. Check her flow!
Kamil Oshundara is spiritually powerful, charismatic and full of heart and valor. She is a speaker and Ifa priestess of Shango. You will be seeing more of her as we continue to collaborate and grow as artists, and women of integrity.

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