Beaded Ankh Pendant

Beaded Ankh Pendant

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Green and Black are powerful and ever present colors. The symbolism around the creation of this piece is we were born of darkness, and cannot live without life giving flora of this planet. 

This necklace should remind you to meditate, find your place in nature among the trees, in order to strengthen your roots to this Earth, and ground like you never have before. 

This necklace is hand woven from nearly a 100+ matte glass seed beads from Japan.

Adorned women: 
Kamil Oshundara is spiritually powerful, charismatic and full of heart and valor. She is a speaker and Ifa priestess of Shango. You will be seeing more of her as we continue to collaborate and grow as artists, and women of integrity.

Jenna is an all around light being, style maven, and down to earth sweetheart. She's a blossoming photographer as well!

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