I somewhat regret selling this Thomsonite necklace. I’m absolutely in love with this stone. It’s like looking into the milky way.

Moss Agate wire wrap. Beautiful brown and yellow stone with periwinkle accents. Trying something new with this wrap.

Quartz, Lavender Opalite, Opalite.

Quartz, Lavender Opalite, Opalite.

I fcked up. I made this beautiful wire wrap from a Cerussite, Barite and Galena stone. I can't sell it though because this stone is heavy, dark, and metallic....and subsequently made of lead lol. I'm afraid it would leach onto the person because of sweat, water, rain whatever. It's beautiful right? I don't have the heart to take apart but I will.

One of my best handpicked stones yet, Titanium Druzy. I love the metallic look on this stone, and the electroplating is lux. It's available here.

Czech Goddess and Amethyst wrap

Petrified wood

I love green, it's my favorite color so when I saw this Druzy I had to have it - absolutely. I placed this in a simple prong setting so that you can see the prettiness of this stone. Because the shit sparkles for real. It's available here.

Custom wrap. Amethyst Cluster. Uruguay

My Gele Beauty wire wrapped Druzy Agate and vintage African woman necklace. Close up of this beautiful Druzy. See more of my ancestral and ethnic work here.

Laid on a sea of beautiful crystal. I have my sparkly Grape Agate (not super common, super fine crystal), my Chrysanthemum crystal and a Quartz (yay!).

One of my favorite wraps. Enjoyed mixing it up with the different color wire.

Moss Agate. Cabochon. Periwinkle with minty green inclusions.

Pretty pretty pretty. This pretty couple of Amethyst geodes are available in my Etsy shop.

Priday Plume Agate.

The things you can do: Wire wrap, lapidary (metalsmith), or altar space.

Moss Agate. Forest Green. Beautiful specimen.

From my private collection to you.

Double terminated Quartz.

Herkimer Diamond slice ("bottom") 1.

Soooo pretty. Love affair with Quartz at maximum.

Herkimer Diamond slice (top).

Close up

Close up

Herkimer Diamond slice (top). This was a gift from an amazing healer.

The "bottom" side of this lovely specimen is sooooo perfect

So pretty. You can see a few points where the points were broken :( but it doesn't detract from its overall beauty

Ugh so pretty

Chrysanthemum Quartz

The color of nature, on Acid lol

Druzy cab set <3

Druzy cab set <3

So colorful

So colorful

purty too &lt;3

purty too <3

Moss Agate is unreal.

Wow, found this in the archives.

Wow, found this in the archives.

Grape Agate


It's like looking into the galaxy in jungle vision

Apophyllite wire wrap

Apophyllite wire wrap

Botryoidal Agate

otryoidal Agate - all natural, lavender beautiful

Rough Amethyst geode. So cute, when I was testing it out with different wraps it ultimately looked like a little heart shaped piece. The left side is the bottom of said heart. Liked it alone so I unwrapped it :)

Rough Amethyst geode.