Divine Feminine Quartz Amulet

Divine Feminine Quartz Amulet


As we transition through this time of growth and healing may we find compassion for ourselves and others, patience, wisdom and strength. Allowing the celestial energy to be channeled and amplified through this ethereal combination of Opalite and Quartz. Infused with the properties of the lunar transit - we absorb the balance and harmony of Libra, opposite of our Aries sun, striking a cord of compromise and balance between force and passivity.

Opalite is related most closely with the Third Eye Chakra, this beautiful crystal contains the healing energy needed for overcoming any hurting we have been hiding, and encourages us to be free, mentally and emotionally; making it the ideal crystal to celebrate a Libra full moon. Paired with a Quartz goddess that enhances these mystical properties infused; aids in healing and regulates the flux of emotion we can experience during these super charged transits. 

Silver is best known as a metal of the moon. It is a conduit of celestial energies and is particularly potent during full and new moon transits. The metaphysical properties of this combination are a beautiful combination of healing, balance, and restoration. Bringing harmony, peace and psychic prowess under the enigmatic charms of a Libra full moon. 

Stainless Steel chain - hypoallergenic adjustable chain and metal, approximately 15 inches.

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