Folk artist Mika Chante

It's all about the beads. They've always been here. I'm new to this. They're not. I'm a natural bead weaver, choosing to create without guidance, instead electing to be lead by the connection between my soul, color and creation.

I don't know where it came from, maybe a past life. It's intense, it's joyful, it's distracting. Beginning bead weaving by hand in 2014 changed me. Pushed me headlong into testing the depths of my creativity. 

My thirst for cultural knowledge regarding beading tradition is insatiable. My appetite for creating is insatiable. My enthusiasm for supporting indigenous communities is unyielding. This website is my outlet. I hope you see someone here that reminds you of you, your grandmothers, your lost forefathers. Beadwork is bittersweet, I'll tell you why if you'd like to know...

These days my main mission is to continue creating modern, ethnic adornment from rare and limited handpicked materials. I strive to promote positive images and knowledge of native/tribal/ethnic artisans across the globe. I believe in philanthropy, sustainability and community. I am part of the Los Angeles Bead Society and Squeeze Art Collective LB, and one half  of Hippie Geniuses

I am a collector, curator, designer, and teacher...but above all else, insanely, passionately and devotedly in love with beading.


Shhh! Secret Art Show, July 2015, Made in Long Beach. Mixed Media panel with artist Cassandra Rowden.