Beading is bittersweet.

I strive to shape my beadwork into art that disrupts the system and uplifts by means of pure beauty. I am not beholden to tradition or style. I will always promote positive images and knowledge of native/tribal/ethnic artisans across the globe. I am empowered by an amazing community of diverse creators near and far.

Beadwork inspired by culture, true colors, and intangible ancestry



When I step away from body art and into realms of canvas, wood, and fabric.

Fully Adorned Beadwork

Affectionately called"Beaded Petals" these intricately woven pieces are timeless expressions of devotion through color and pattern.These pieces can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to complete and are compromised of up to 10,000 beads each individually sewn.

fractal ta meu bem jewelry.jpg

Freestyled/Other patterns

I literally had no idea how these were going to end up before they ended there


My original hand woven pattern.…

Where it all began. This is my first ever signature design.  It's named Tradition because it is the first pattern that came naturally to me, as if it were a tradition. I will continue to use this pattern as a basis for headdresses, waist beads and  fully adorned pieces. A hallmark of this design is the dainty curved loops that encircle the bottom of this design. 


Beaded gemstones

My favorite bead wrapped crystals



Ecuadorian style beadwork

Loom Weaving

I began loom weaving when I was eight years old. As I dig into my past I'll add what pieces that I can find from my earlier years.


Queen's Lace

Queen's Lace and variations - My second signature style, these pieces are made to mirror natural outline of leaves. The name Queen's Lace comes from the fact that these necklaces are virtually weightless despite the size, akin to lace.


Zulu and Ukrainian style beadwork 

The Zulu of South Africa and many tribes share similar beading [netting] techniques. This collection is made of Zulu style beadwork, as well as Ukrainian style beadwork [all sharing the same foundation].