Spotted - Taraji P. Henson in Beads

Geez louise she couldn't have picked a better piece.

Actress, eternal black sweetheart, down to earth mama and around the way girl Taraji P. Henson is wearing an extra long Ndebele necklace. The Ndebele are a South African tribe and have a long history of coveted artwork. Their patterns can be seen painted on their homes, clothing, and woven into their beadwork.

On top of their adherence to tradition the very way they bead is original - the Ndebele stitch, often referred to as the Herringbone stitch is how they weave an assortment of beaded designs.

The black and white photo is utilizing several pieces from my private and public collection. The bold Ndebele chest piece is from my private collection and was shot by photographer James. Its patterns are striking against the primary colors they are created with. In addition the Ndebele chest piece is paired with one of my Ndebele rings created from white vintage seed beads, and a vintage brass choker available exclusively on my handmade Etsy shop.