Ndebele South African Beadwork

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kiara_ndebele beadwork_south_african beadwork.jpg
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I pick up beads 1 by 1. Ndebele (Northern South African) pick up beads 2 by 2 the Ndebele stitch, often annoyingly referred to as the Herringbone stitch.

Zulu make beaded rings and ropes but not like the Ndebele do. Their distinctive stitch is one of my favorites, but I don't have the patience to make rings like them, my understanding of color and patterns are different. These patterns you see on the beadwork share the same characteristics of patterns they draw on their homes, weave into their clothes etc...

I pay homage by not repeating their ancient patterns (or that of ANYONE). So I enjoy through expanding my collection, and I support bead weavers around the world with my heart and my money, I don't copy because I'm full up with creativity.

Jah know.

Model: Kiara The Voice

Photo and white Ndebele rings by Ta Meu Bem with original Ndebele pieces from South Africa (all from my personal collection).