Heart of Oshun beaded collar


Heart of Oshun

From Kamil:

Oshun's Heart ✨ This beaded piece was especially made for me by none other than @tameujewelry. It's mixture of Red, Yellow, and White represent the Orisha Shango, Obatala, and Oshun, who have walked me into my priesthood with strategy, peace and unconditional love. Wearing this art makes me feel shielded by my ancestors, and reminds me that my sistas literally got my back. Thank you queen brown suga mama for putting your heart and labor into this work. To our museship and many more to come. Hit her up, she is always down to collaborate and make an amazing piece with you. 
Photos by Bae @garybiddy


This piece is made from 100% size 11 Czech seed beads, Freshwater Pearls, and glass Pearls. It's extremely lightweight, and is one of the first breastplate designs I've created.