Afropunk 2017

Words by Kamil Oshundara

Part 1: When u show up 2 AFROPUNK lookin like a limon lime lick (n even ya mama want a taste) Cuz can't nobody dim ya shine n u had 2 hop off da timeline 2 remind em. Cuz u always been a neon ass nigga in a peon ass world, a queer liddo rainbow glowin whereva u go . Cuz u lean, demand ya green, n refuse to be unseen, but Most of all Cuz u bright n Black n 100% proud of that. ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️#NeonNiggasUnite #BrightAndBlack#AfroPunk2017 #afropunkfest#afropunkbrooklyn

Part 2: Ima lover, Ima a feeler Ima healer. I love to love n I adore intimacy, simpin, romance n sweet sensuality, yet lovin me is intense n often complex. Frequently I feel like ppl see me from afar, catch a glimpse of dis radiating red light, my soul's aura, n are drawn in out of intrigue. Time n time again I met love, Queer n Herero, jus 2 meet loss -- folks who r dedicated 2 tasting n trading me. Never quite tuning into me. I used 2 give all of myself 2 each of my lovers, n was devastated when seen as 2 much, 2 risqué, intimidating, or more "than meets the eye". Well wat eye u see me thru? A part of my heart broke each time some1 wud dip into my life, my bed, my spirit try-then-deny me. I've been called a witch (as if it's an insult), a fool, 2 perfect/wife like, jus a good fuck. I been named erryting under da sun, blamed 4 being myself, n shamed 4 bein able 2 love more than 1 type of some1. But I will no longer come undone. I will not allow anyone's missed expectations of me make me feel unlovable. I have found love in the darkest jungles. I have seen through the chipped paint and found master pieces. Like a Shepard, I now call my very own love to me. I refuse 2 believe Iam too much, not enough, or an abomination. I refuse 2 let folks "try" me 4 any reason. I am not an experiment. Ima lil unconventional boo who life n needs r different, but who heart is true. I now kno when 2 walk away. Not give up, but surrender 2 da universe n not hold on2 love tht may feel like cashmere but aint the right fit. My skin n self deserve a tailor made kinda love. 1 tht bends n folds 2 my curves, one that inspires me to do the same in balance. We have many soulmates in life, not all supposed 2b lovers. Many times they are reborn as our kin n friends. 2 all my soul mates, past, present & future. I love u, and hope that what we share(d) can seed something transformative in our lives. 2 those I misnamed, misplaced or let in my space on a whim, u r loved. I am not hurt, I am fueled 2 further heal. I love 2 love 2 love, & from now till the world falls, I still believe "its betta 2hav loved n lost then neva 2hav loved at all".

Beads: @tameujewelry
Photos by 
Elizabeth Wirija for Nylon Magazine, , and Gary Biddy