Ericka Hart - pure courage

I actually had the pleasure of seeing Erika at the 2016 Afropunk festival that thrust her into the greater awareness of the public. She was bare chested, and adorned with Afghan tribal [tribal] beadwork. She looked fearless, and an image from her during that day would go viral.

Like most Afghan beadwork her piece is vintage, worn, and has a mysterious story with it that I could only imagine. I reached out to her asking if she wanted me to repair it, and she said that she liked it as it is, and it reminds of me of my own pieces that I have with the same quirks...what is truly broken? It made me think...

Her story is amazing, her courage is amazing, and her love [I'm guessing :)] of beadwork makes me smile. Check out this interview, she is truly inspiring. 

Erika, a breast cancer survivor, tells us how getting a double mastectomy has changed her body image....Read the article here.