The Eye of The Dragon - Beaded Dragon Eyes

For those of you new to the world of beading, Dragon's eyes, or any eye, beaded and embellished, is here to stay. The ability to make your beadwork appear like scales because of color and bead type are making these popular brooches even more lifelike with every pass of the needle.

This piece is most definitely sold, but you can check out more of Mommy's Moon jewelry on her Etsy shop.

To be honest, beaded Dragons in general are a favorite among sculptural beaders around the world. Want to learn how to make your own? Here you go: Directions are in Russian but the step by step pictorial instructionsare perfect. Use Google to help you translate if need be...but it can be sketchy so just try to follow the pattern lol.

Beaded dragons by: Jewel Tones Beads and Rrkra

Last two flat beaded necklaces by Sees Beyond