Afropunk Fancy Dress Ball Los Angeles

This may not be coherent, butttttt...

Man. Woman. Ascended beings. Aliens. Queers. Weirdos. Punks. Goddesses. Freaks. Posers. Photographers. Stylists. Journalists. Musicians. Artists...

Funny story. There's this other worldly like woman Wamuhu whose love and knowledge of indigenous culture is unrivaled. She's wearing the large Cowrie shell piece. My muse Barbie is wearing a Maasai beaded collar that I got from Wamuhu- in addition to earrings and beaded netting I created. Wamuhu recognized the necklace. Actually it's not a funny story at all, I'm awful at this lol.

Besides that I went wearing 80% original Ta Meu Bem beadwork. Ndebele inspired rings, Delica beaded collar (Fully Adorned style) and the vibrant beadork is from South America. 

In orange, stylist and all around Slay Queen Ferriss is giving me x10 life with her thick beaded belt. Checking it out up close my eyes were popping out of my head.

So Good to see all the see beads that were floating around on necklaces, dresses and purses. 

All, everybody was in unison. Afropunk LA showed face. We knew who we were. Who knew. Who belonged. I met a wonderful group of artists beyond compare. I danced. My feet hurt. My beads...they sparkled. I felt them on me like never before. Diaspora massive. Still high. coming down soon.

Shouts to Red Bull Sound Select

With photos by Daria

Images via Essence

Images via Vogue