Ivy League


Nothing to do with elitism, everything to do with the flow of this piece.

I am in love with nature, green things. Life. I find myself driven to create in a myriad of green tones that play with the eyes as the color shimmer and catch the sunlight. I return to leaf shapes expressed in soft milky green. I weave in old beads from forgotten beadwork left in the bottom of thrift store display windows.... glass, stone, crystal...all together now. Harmony.

You know Kamil right?  Her words:

If my refusal to conform, sugar coat shit, or appease whiteness, hatefulness or homophobia offends anyone, good-- if I turn u off cause I write to much n don't ask for your approval enough good, go limp. If my tendency 2 go hard n get loud wit passion rubs ya the wrong way, good -- touch ya damn self. Stand for something or fall 4 anything. I'll take my stance n hold it, howbow you?

When's the last time you rose to the occasion? 

Photo by Gary Biddy