The Come Up LA showed me why black spaces matter

Better late than never, but I did it I did it! It was such a vibe being at this arts and crafts event catering to the black artisan and vendor. I’ve done well over thirty shows in California and this was, is, the best. The Come Up LA is a curated shopping and cultural experience that aims to showcase black and poc designers. I’ve taken part in so many shows where the audience didn’t “get” my work - both metaphorically and literally (lmao) which especially sucks when you’re ponying up to vend. On top of that I was one of the only black faces there (many times).

My mom says that it shouldn’t make a difference, but it does. Being appreciated and not scanned, understood and not simply appraised. There was so much I didn’t have to explain because people just got it. It’s not about being separate, it’s about having the space to be highlighted and celebrated. I’ve done two now, I can’t wait for the next.