Lemko | Gerdan Beadwork


I love Ukrainian beadwork. It's one of the first beading cultures I really found online when I began researching how to do beadwork. These bead weavers from Ukraine share resources and encourage each other to continue their craft and excel. Interestingly enough, the people from this region have been displaced in a story that's all too familiar [war, resistance, exile]. Nevertheless culture and tradition persist and these patterns are a beautiful expression of their culture that has passed down from generation to generation. 


*[Picture 1 & 2] The first two photos are of the amazing Naia Kete. An amazing artist who I had the pleasure of working with. We paired the piece with a beaded rope from South Africa. I was particularly drawn to this piece because of the last picture below.

*[Photos 3 & 4] Photos are Archive of the Ethnographic Museum in Wroclaw Aarchiwum Kyczera
Jewelry Lemko - krywulki

*[Photos 5 & 6] Traditional costumes, and historical painting.