Spotted - Lion Babe in Beads

Lion Babe is made up of singer Jillian Hervey and record producer Lucas GoodmanVanessa Williams (Miss Save the Best for Last) is Jillian's mother.

Unfortunately Lion Babe suffers from what I like to call the "Alunageorge Complex" lol. Alunageorge being an amazing duo from the UK who most people think is exclusively the singer, when indeed it is two people. La Roux is another group with a female who's most visible but not alone. Anywho. 

About those beads. In this video she's rocking two serrriously beaded full coverage, full swag pieces. One is cream colored and is most reminiscent of Dinka beadwork. This multi-colored piece she's wearing isn't made of seed beads but is still woven with glass beads nonetheless. They're gorgeous, would love to know where they really come from...

By the way Treat Me Like Fire is my cut.