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82 Flawless Outfits From Afropunk Festival Guaranteed to Give You Life

Spotted out and about at Afropunk 2016. It was totally a trip being there. I saw old faces from times I didn't expect. Connected my sould to soundwaves that moved me in ways I didn't know possible. Flying Lotus, as always, was the sh*t he was the highlight of my time there. Soulection and Sango did not disappoint and definitely round out the top 3 for me. 

I'm wearing a ginormous (lol) Delica bead Petals piece with an XXXL drapey back.  Delica beads are usually used for detailing in bead embroidery and bezel wrapping because of their tiny impeccably uniform size, butttt because I like opulence I couldn't help but make an entire piece out of them. Actually I've made two XXXL pieces from Delica seed beads. I haven't taken pictures of the other.

I never forget a color once seen, and this necklace is totally inspired by Turquoise sunsets over the ocean. Have you ever seen the ocean waveless, becoming liquid metal in the fading sunlight? It's spectacular....